new music tuesday with yolanda be cool

Every tuesday, our entertainment director Adam Foster brings you the latest and hottest tracks that Vibe’s DJs are excited about playing.  This is our preview of whats next.

Yolanda Be Cool, the australian duo who created the worldwide smash “We Speak No Americano” have officially issued a worldwide recall of the song due to “misuse.”  Indeed, two years after its release you can’t get away from this song- the Pitbull rework and the original are still heard in clubs all over the world, night after night.

However, they are not just recalling the song and leaving us empty handed, Yolanda Be Cool is getting ready to release their new album “Ladies and Mentlemen” and have given us a couple new tracks as “replacement.”  Check the video for the official announcement and the links below to hear what’s coming next.  See you on the floor.

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