Meet The Girls of Vibe – Christina

Christina Drossos is our featured bartender of the month!  Check out our Q & A session with her.

Q: How long have you been in the service industry?

A: 10 years

Q: What’s your favorite cocktail to make?

A: Lemon Drop Martini

Q: What’s the strangest customer request you’ve ever had?

A: A guest once asked me if I could stir his martini with my finger. I guess he likes his drinks stirred not shaken.

Q: What’s your shot of choice?

A: Circoc chilled

Q: Favorite shower song

A: “I touch myself” by the Divinyls

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Q: Single or taken?

A: Singleee!

Q: Chocolate or Vanilla?

A: I’m more of a vanilla kind of girl but enjoy the occasional swirl.

Q: What’s your favorite night working at Vibe?

A: Every night is my favorite but Ladies Night on Thursday’s is always a blast!


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